Retiring or even semi-retiring is a big decision to make, but many look forward to not having to work as much and being able to spend more time with their loved ones. In order to make the most of the spare time they now have, it isn’t uncommon for people to purchase a holiday lodge or rent a seasonal pitch on a holiday park when retiring and this is undeniably a brilliant thing to do when you’re wanting to live life to the fullest. Having a lodge or a seasonal pitch allows you to go on holiday whenever you want to and there are a number of advantages to joining a community of like-minded people on a leisure park. 


Below we have explored some of the biggest benefits to spending time at holiday parks in Essex when you retire, touching on some of the amazing things the local area has to offer. Having a lodge or seasonal pitch here will offer more diversity than you may realise. 


The popular coastline 


There are hundreds of miles of coastline in Essex, from sandy beaches to salt marshes, and the Essex coast is brilliant to explore. When spending time at a holiday park in Essex, especially during the spring and summer months, you can easily fill your days with sand and sea, and you probably won’t have to travel far to reach the coastline. 


Amongst traditional seaside locations like Clacton-on-Sea and Southend-on-Sea, Mersea Island is a must-visit beach. This charming island is easily accessible and it is perfect for strolling, sunbathing, paddling and boating. There are a number of cafes and restaurants on the island too, and whilst you’re visiting you should try some of the local produce.  


The tourist attractions 


Essex is home to a number of tourist attractions and there is something for everyone across the county. Should you enjoy visiting historical sites, you will be glad to know that Essex has many and if you’re a member of the National Trust, there are lots of different places that you can visit, enabling you to make the most of your membership. 


Of course, Colchester is Britain’s oldest recorded town and Colchester Castle, amongst other places, is definitely worth visiting if you’re interested in history. 


If you have family members who are likely to visit you whilst you’re staying at a holiday park in Essex, there are lots of family-friendly tourist attractions too. Essex has something for everyone and planning a fun family day out is really easy with places like Colchester Zoo on your doorstep. Even if you want to make the most of your holiday lodge all year round, there are plenty of indoor activities for the whole family to enjoy as well.


The tranquil countryside


Whilst you’re spending time at a holiday park in Essex, you will have plenty of different country paths to explore. The landscape is fairly flat in Essex, making it ideal for both walking and cycling, regardless of your ability. There will be numerous scenic routes to take when exploring the local area too; from river trails to rural footpaths.


Spending the day getting lost in the countryside is both family-friendly and dog-friendly, and if you don’t fancy taking a picnic with you, it is highly likely that you will wander past a country pub or two. There are many traditional pubs and homely tea rooms in the small towns and villages in Essex, all of which are worth popping into if you want a bite to eat or something to drink. 


Finding a holiday park in Essex


All in all, when you decide to retire or semi-retire, purchasing a holiday lodge or renting a seasonal pitch at a holiday park in Essex is definitely worthwhile considering. You can guarantee that you will enjoy spending a large portion of your time in this county and at Sellers Leisure, we have the perfect holiday park for you to be situated on. 


One of our prestigious privately-owned country parks is located in England’s oldest town in Essex, and it offers exceptional camping holidays and luxury holiday lodge ownership. Colchester Country Park is open 365 days a year and it’s a beautiful park to visit all year round. With over three decades of experience in the holiday industry being us, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our leisure parks and our customer service. Learn more about our multi-award-winning luxury holiday park by visiting the Colchester Country Park website today.