When people enjoy holidaying in the UK and they regularly rent holiday lodges to stay in, it isn’t uncommon for them to consider buying their own holiday lodge. Often, the up-front cost associated with purchasing a luxury lodge is the only thing that can be off-putting to people, but holiday lodges are undeniably a brilliant investment to make. Not to mention, these luxury properties are actually more affordable than you may initially think. 


Below we have highlighted some of the many reasons why a holiday lodge is always worth investing in, especially when you enjoy spending time in rented lodges here in the UK.


Have a home away from home 


Having your own holiday lodge that you can escape to whenever you need a break from day-to-day life is incredibly beneficial. Privately owning a lodge provides you with a home away from home and you can use this lodge as frequently as you’d like throughout the year. Some people even choose to live in their lodge and they enjoy the village lifestyle. 


Holiday lodges come in all shapes and sizes, and you won’t struggle to find the perfect property for you. All lodges are fully furnished and beautifully decorated too, and your holiday lodge will become your own haven of peace and tranquillity. With a range of facilities available on-site for you to use, you will have everything you need on your doorstep too, so you can easily spend your days at your holiday lodge without a care in the world. 


Entertain family and friends 


So many people enjoy sharing their holiday lodge with their loved ones and entertaining friends and family takes on a whole new meaning when you own a luxury lodge. It will be easy to spend more time with your nearest and dearest when you’re able to invite them to stay with you in your lodge, and you can make lots of new memories together. 


No matter where your holiday lodge is located, there will be lots of amazing places to explore nearby. Whether you want to spend a day together at the beach or go for a walk through the countryside, you will easily be able to find different ways to fill your days. Some holiday parks even have facilities like swimming pools, games rooms and play areas on-site too, so you won’t have to venture too far to have a brilliant time together. 


Meet lots of like-minded people 


When you own a holiday lodge, you will have the opportunity to meet lots of like-minded people who are also living a carefree lifestyle. Leisure parks create a peaceful community in which to live and you will be welcomed into this community when you buy your lodge. Even when you visit your lodge for a quiet weekend away, you can enjoy a cup of tea or a walk through the woodlands with your neighbours, and you will make lifelong friends who share your love for escaping to the countryside.


Save on holidays throughout the year 


Although purchasing a holiday lodge is more expensive upfront than renting a lodge for a two week holiday, for example, you will save a lot of money over time when you own your own lodge. You can use your holiday lodge whenever you want a trip away and there isn’t a limit on how often you can visit your lodge throughout the year. It couldn’t be easier to enjoy a peaceful break from your daily routine and your luxury lodge will prevent you from having to save up to be able to go on holiday. You can even keep everything you need in your lodge, making holidays really convenient. 


Purchasing a holiday lodge in Essex or Kent


If you’re searching for holiday lodges in Essex, take a look at the collection of luxury lodges we have available at our Colchester Country Park location. We also have holiday lodges in Kent as well. With its beautiful open spaces, Colchester Country Park is the perfect place for a leisure lodge and it’s meticulously maintained to guarantee an unforgettable stay. 


Here at Sellers Leisure, our prestigious privately-owned country parks offer exceptional luxury holiday lodge ownership and we can help you find your perfect sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. With 30 years of experience behind us, you can trust that our multi-award-winning leisure parks won’t disappoint in terms of quality or service. You can always purchase a holiday lodge in Essex with us knowing that we endeavour to make your visits to our leisure park as comfortable and memorable as possible.