Rather than booking a holiday abroad once a year, it is becoming increasingly common for people to purchase a caravan, motorhome or tent, enabling them to go on holiday as frequently as they’d like. There are so many advantages to staying in the Great British countryside and camping holidays are expected to continue to soar in popularity. 


If you’re new to camping and your holidays usually consist of an all-inclusive hotel somewhere sunny, you might be slightly apprehensive about booking your first holiday park getaway, but there is nothing to worry about. In fact, camping is much more straightforward to plan than jetting off abroad and it’s a brilliant hassle-free way to get a break from day-to-day life. To help anyone who has just purchased their first caravan, motorhome or tent, below we have put together some useful tips for your first holiday park getaway. 


Do some research 


When you’re planning a camping trip, it is always important to choose the right location. There are so many holiday parks in the UK these days, yet some of them will be better located than others for your next getaway. In order to ensure you’re able to fill your days with fun, do some research into what a local area has to offer you. Whether you’d like to spend your time walking through the countryside, reading a book on the beach or exploring local attractions, always consider your hobbies and interests when you’re choosing a location.


Plan ahead 


Instead of simply packing up your vehicle and driving to your chosen holiday park, it is advantageous to do some planning in advance. Check when you’re able to access your pitch, holiday parks have different check-in times, and take a look at predicted travel times. You may find that depending on where you’re travelling from and too, leaving at a certain time can help you to avoid traffic, for example. Don’t forget, if you’re towing a caravan, it will take you slightly longer to get to your destination, so factor this into your timings. 

Look at what facilities are available on-site 


The majority of holiday parks will have a range of facilities on-site these days, from shower blocks and laundry rooms to swimming pools and play areas, and what’s available will likely affect what you need to pack. Similarly, whether or not your pitch has an electric hook up will have a huge impact on your holiday, so always check what a holiday park is able to offer in this regard. Generally speaking, the more facilities you have access to, the more enjoyable your getaway will be and you won’t have to worry about going without any luxuries. 


Pack for all weather conditions


Understandably, you may want to pack quite light for your first camping trip, especially if you’re staying in a tent, but underpacking can cause all sorts of problems. The weather here in the UK is so unpredictable, it is recommended that you pack for all eventualities and having everything from raincoats to sun cream will help you to make the most of your time away. When you pack for all weather conditions, you can still explore the local area, regardless of what the weather is like and you won’t waste your holiday. 


Double-check any extra costs 


Almost all holiday parks will have additional charges to be aware of and often, the price of a pitch will only include; 2 adults, 1 caravan, motorhome or tent, 1 awning or canopy and parking for 1 car. If you have more adults or children staying with you or you’re bringing your four-legged friend along on your holiday, check how much extra they will cost you. Often, you will have to pay somewhere between £2 to £5 a night for additional adults, children, pets, cars, gazebos and you may also have to pay for any day visitors too. 


Booking a holiday park in Essex, Kent or Sussex


Hopefully, if you’re new to camping, the tips above will be useful and they will help you ensure you have an incredible first holiday in your new caravan, motorhome or tent. When you’re searching for holiday parks in Essex, Kent or Sussex to visit in the future, be sure to take a look at the prestigious country parks we own at Sellers Leisure. All of our multi-award-winning luxury leisure parks are a brilliant base for any holiday and we are well recognised for our detailed attention to lifestyle within the holiday industry. If you have any questions about booking a pitch at one of our holiday parks Essex, Kent or Sussex, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.