Useful Tips For Your First Holiday Park Getaway 

Rather than booking a holiday abroad once a year, it is becoming increasingly common for people to purchase a caravan, motorhome or tent, enabling them to go on holiday as frequently as they’d like. There are so many advantages to staying in the Great British countryside and camping holidays are expected to continue to soar […]

Why You Should Stay At A Holiday Park This Year

When you’re planning holidays for 2022, you will have a number of desirable destinations to choose from, but instead of going abroad this year, it’s worth considering a UK holiday instead. There are so many benefits to staying at a holiday park, whether you own a touring caravan, motorhome, tent or holiday lodge, and there […]

Why A Holiday Lodge Is A Great Investment 

When people enjoy holidaying in the UK and they regularly rent holiday lodges to stay in, it isn’t uncommon for them to consider buying their own holiday lodge. Often, the up-front cost associated with purchasing a luxury lodge is the only thing that can be off-putting to people, but holiday lodges are undeniably a brilliant […]

What To Look For When Purchasing A Lodge 

Leisure home living is something that many are considering when they retire these days. Holiday parks create a peaceful environment in which to live and they provide a community lifestyle. Mainly occupied by the over 50’s, the luxury holiday lodges at our Thriftwood Country Park site are hugely popular amongst people looking to enjoy life […]

Deciding Where To Buy A Holiday Lodge 

When they retire or semi-retire, lots of people will consider purchasing a holiday home and it goes without saying there are numerous benefits to having a second property you can enjoy whenever you want a break away. Holiday lodges, in particular, are a very popular choice for holiday homes and having your own luxury lodge […]

Why Stay At A Sellers Leisure Touring Caravan Site?

Caravan holidays have become more and more popular over the last couple of years, and lots of people have rediscovered the joys of holidaying in the Great British countryside. Thankfully, there are now a number of touring caravan sites in the UK and at Sellers Leisure, we pride ourselves on owning some of the very […]

The Benefits Of Spending Time At Holiday Parks In Essex 

Retiring or even semi-retiring is a big decision to make, but many look forward to not having to work as much and being able to spend more time with their loved ones. In order to make the most of the spare time they now have, it isn’t uncommon for people to purchase a holiday lodge […]

Choosing A Location For Your Lodge In Essex 

If you have been contemplating buying a lodge in Essex for a while now and the pros finally outweigh the cons, choosing the right location for your new leisure lodge is crucial. There are a number of different holiday parks in the Essex area nowadays, many of which have luxury lodges available to buy, and […]

The Benefits Of Owning A Holiday Lodge 

Lots of semi-retired and retired couples visit leisure parks multiple times a year and they will enjoy multiple holidays in the British countryside. Due to the increase in popularity of staycations, many are now aware of the benefits associated with staying in a luxury lodge too and they will actually prefer this type of holiday […]

Why UK Staycations Are So Popular 

Over the last few years, lots of couples and families alike have been swapping their holidays abroad for staycations, and holidaying in the UK has soared in popularity. Rather than booking flights to exotic countries and staying in all-inclusive hotels, many have been buying holiday lodges and enjoying the Great British countryside or coastline instead.  […]