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Common Misconceptions About Holiday Lodge Ownership 

Camping holidays are quintessentially British and generations have enjoyed spending time with their family and friends in the great outdoors. However, camping has changed a lot over the decades and many are upgrading their old trailer tents for holiday lodges nowadays. There are so many advantages to having your own luxury lodge, yet there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this type of holiday home that can be off-putting to people. 


To set the record straight for anyone who is interested in purchasing a holiday lodge but is apprehensive about doing so because of the things they’ve heard, below we have debunked some of the most common misconceptions about holiday lodge ownership. 


“Lodges are expensive to purchase”


Before even looking at how much holiday lodges actually cost, many assume they will be really expensive. The truth is, when compared to other properties, they’re very affordable and you can purchase a luxury lodge for a fraction of the price of a bungalow, for example, especially in affluent areas like Sevenoaks where average property prices are past the £1M mark. This type of property is ideal if you’re looking for a holiday home, but it can also make a brilliant main residence as well. The advantages of holiday lodge ownership greatly outweigh the upfront cost. 


“There are lots of ongoing costs”


Sometimes, holiday lodge ownership can seem too good to be true, but this isn’t the case. Generally speaking, you will usually have to pay for things such as; site fees and gas/electric costs, however, you won’t have to pay things like council tax and ongoing costs associated with holiday lodges are much less than what you have to pay for other properties. You can trust that a leisure park will always be completely transparent when it comes to ownership costs too. 


“Holiday lodges can only be used in the summer” 


This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about holiday lodges and the truth is, most country parks are open 365 days a year, allowing you to use your lodge all year round. Whilst it’s always nice to have a holiday when the sun is shining, you can have an amazing time at a holiday park during the colder months too. Lots of lodges are located in the tranquil countryside, making them ideal for spring and autumn holidays. 


“The interiors are frumpy and poor quality”


As mentioned above, holiday lodges have changed quite considerably over the years and nowadays, many lodges are really luxurious. With open planned living spaces and private decking areas, holiday lodges are perfect for modern living. The interior design of luxury lodges won’t disappoint either and you will be proud to show your holiday lodge off to your family and friends. These days, holiday lodges are like boutique hotels and they offer everything you could possibly want in a home away from home. 


“Holiday parks are full of noisy families”


Just because your lodge is on a holiday park, doesn’t mean you will be disturbed every time you use it. Often, holiday lodges are situated on a secluded part of a leisure park and you won’t have to worry about noise coming from the swimming pool, for example. It isn’t uncommon for lodges to mainly be occupied by the over 50’s and holiday parks can create a peaceful community in which to live, if you wish to spend most of your time here. 


Looking at holiday lodges for sale in Kent?


Should you be interested in purchasing a holiday lodge and you’re trying to find luxury lodges for sale in Kent, take a look at the rest of the Thriftwood Country Park website today. Our holiday park is home to a range of luxury lodges, all of which are beautifully decorated and fully furnished, enabling you to start enjoying your home away from home straight away. Our leisure lodge community will offer you a carefree way of living and many holiday home owners love the village lifestyle our country park provides. You can purchase a holiday lodge at Thriftwood Country Park knowing that you will be well situated to enjoy everything that Sevenoaks has to offer too and you will be delighted with the facilities that are available on-site.