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The Benefits of Having a Seasonal Pitch at a Holiday Park

Seasonal Pitches

There are several benefits to owning a touring caravan, including the amazing holidays you can have in the great outdoors. With staycations continuing to soar in popularity, lots of people are planning ahead to book caravan holiday parks and it’s beneficial to start looking at different campsites across the country now.

When you first purchase a touring caravan, you might hear other campers talking about special types of pitches called ‘seasonal pitches’. These differ from touring pitches and are a great choice for people who like to spend a lot of time in their caravan throughout the year. There are multiple advantages to having a seasonal pitch on a well-located holiday park and if you’ve never considered booking this type of pitch before, now is the perfect time to do so.

What are Seasonal Pitches?

Seasonal Pitches

A seasonal pitch is a unique type of pitch on a caravan park where you can keep your touring caravan for the whole season. Commonly, the ‘season’ refers to March – January each year and when renting a seasonal pitch, you can stay at the campsite as frequently as you would like during this time. Ultimately, a seasonal pitch is like having a home away from home throughout the spring, summer and autumn months. With both hardstanding and grass pitches available, as well as electric hook-up pitches, you can easily find the perfect spot for your touring caravan.

The Benefits of Having a Seasonal Pitch

People choose to book seasonal pitches for different reasons, but there are lots of things that make this type of pitch appealing to all touring caravan owners, such as;



  • Leave your Campsite Set Up – One of the biggest benefits of a seasonal pitch is that you won’t have to set up camp multiple times during the year. You can leave your caravan on-site for months, so you can simply turn up at the holiday park and start enjoying yourself. This is perfect for spontaneous getaways whenever you have a spare weekend. Removing the tasks of unpacking and packing from your holiday will give you more time to relax and unwind. You can enjoy all facilities and events on-site throughout the year without extra costs too, guaranteeing an unforgettable time.


  • Reduce the Amount of Towing You Do – Lots of people don’t like towing a caravan and reducing the amount of towing you have to do is really advantageous. When you have a seasonal pitch, you will only have to tow your caravan twice, once in March when you arrive on-site and once in January the following year when you leave the caravan park. So, you won’t have the hassle of hitching up and towing your caravan whenever you want to go on holiday.


  • Always Have Somewhere to Stay – You won’t have the stress of finding a holiday park with pitches available during the busy summer months when you have a seasonal pitch. You will always have somewhere to stay when you want a break from day-to-day life and you can avoid trying to book last-minute pitches altogether. Whenever you feel like going on holiday, you can simply get in your car and head to the caravan park, it really couldn’t be easier.


  • Explore the Local Area – Having a seasonal pitch provides you with the perfect opportunity to become a local in a new part of the country. You can stay in the countryside for a quiet getaway and enjoy exploring the nearby towns and villages. Using the same pitch for the whole season will prevent you from missing out on must-see places and must-do activities too, and you will soon find new favourite restaurants, bars and cafes to visit during your visits.


  • Save Money on Summer Holidays – Seasonal pitches are one fixed price for the whole season and you can visit the holiday park whenever you want to at no additional cost. Although the upfront price might seem quite expensive, when you break this down to cost-per-use, holidays will be incredibly affordable. You won’t have to worry about extra fees for early check-ins and late check-outs or extortionate pitch fees during the summer months or bank holiday getaways either, and you will likely end up saving money in the long run when you book a seasonal pitch.


Choosing The Right Seasonal Pitch

Choosing The Right Seasonal Pitch

You do need to be careful when booking a seasonal pitch though and due to the amount of time you’re going to spend there, it’s important to ensure you’re choosing the right pitch on the right campsite. With so many options available these days, there are several important factors to consider to help you make the best decision, including;

  • Location of the Campsite – Since you will be spending from March to January on the same campsite, it’s essential to make the right choice. If you choose a holiday park in the middle of nowhere with very little to do locally, you’re likely to get bored. Often, it’s beneficial to find a campsite that is only a few minutes drive from towns and villages, yet still set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


  • Local Attractions Nearby – Finding a campsite that has plenty to do nearby is always beneficial and will enable you to fill your days with fun activities. Having plenty of tourist attractions in the local area and also a range of different restaurants and cafes to visit will ensure your seasonal pitch is the perfect holiday destination to create lasting memories.


  • Facilities On-Site – When comparing campsites for your seasonal pitch, you will realise that some are more basic than others. Not all campsites offer the same facilities and having certain things on-site will be convenient when you’re spending a lot of time in your caravan. You should look for a holiday park that offers things such as; electric hook-up, laundry facilities, and toilet and shower blocks. In addition to these essentials, extras like WiFi, swimming pools and children’s play parks can be beneficial, especially if you’re going to have friends and family visit.


  • Cost of the Pitch – Depending on the budget you have in mind for your seasonal pitch, some campsites will be more suitable than others. Typically, seasonal pitches are a fixed price, however, there are some additional costs to consider like electricity and day visitors. Don’t forget to look at how many months you have the pitch for as some may seem more expensive but they’re available for longer. Always double check any special offers too, some campsites will offer one month free.


  • Type of Pitches Available – There will be a range of pitches available on campsites, including both hardstanding and grass pitches, and different people have different preferences. No matter which type of pitch you would like, always look for a campsite with seasonal pitches that have electric hook-up. You can guarantee that electricity will be useful when you’re spending a lot of time here.


  • Security On-Site – Even when you’re not staying in your touring caravan, it will be kept on your seasonal pitch and it’s crucial to ensure it will be safe. It can be easy to overlook the security systems on-site, but they will provide you with complete peace of mind. To prevent any worry when leaving your caravan unattended, look for a holiday park that has 24/7 CCTV security. Any other additional security systems will be an added bonus too.


Arranging Caravan Holidays in Kent, Sussex, Essex or Suffolk

It’s easy to see why seasonal pitches are so popular. With staycations predicted to be just as in demand next year as they have been this year, now is the perfect time to try having a seasonal camping pitch for the first time. If you’re looking for caravan holiday parks in Sussex, Kent, Essex or Suffolk, take a look at the Sellers Leisure website today.

We offer a range of pitches on our campsites, including seasonal pitches, and can provide you with your own permanent space from March until January the following year. All of our caravan parks are ideally situated so you can enjoy the Great British countryside or seaside towns and you’re never far away from local attractions. You can find out more about each of our leisure parks on our website and if you have any questions, get in touch with us today.