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Tips for Organising a Holiday Park Getaway

Organising a Holiday Park Getaway

When you need a break from day-to-day life, a caravan holiday is the perfect way to escape to the Great British countryside and relax for a few days. Rather than booking an all-inclusive hotel somewhere sunny once a year, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to purchase a caravan, motorhome or tent, so they can go on holiday whenever they like and camping holidays are becoming hugely popular for all ages.

If you’re new to organising a holiday park getaway, you might be wondering where to start, especially now there is an abundance of campsites here in the UK. However, camping is much more straightforward to plan than jetting off abroad and it’s a brilliant hassle-free way to get a much-needed break. To help you ensure you have the stress and hassle-free holiday you need, below we have put together some top tips for organising your first holiday park getaway.


Useful Tips For Your First Holiday Park Holiday

With such a vast range of holiday parks throughout the UK, there are a few things you can do to make planning your first getaway as enjoyable as possible. Some general tips for family holidays and couples trips alike include;


  • Consider an Off-Peak Season Holiday

Generally speaking, the busiest time of the year for caravan holidays is the summer months. Camping is most appealing when the sun is shining, but staying at a crowded holiday park isn’t everyone’s idea of a peaceful break. Lots of holiday parks are open 365 days a year and you don’t necessarily have to plan your trip for the summer. Off-peak holidays in the countryside can be lots of fun and you can still have an amazing time even if it isn’t quite as warm outside.


  • Think About the Location of the Park

It’s important to ensure you’re choosing the right holiday park for your getaway and the location of the park will play a huge role in this. Finding the right balance between being in the countryside and close to a town is important, so you can be immersed in nature but also enjoy what the local area has to offer. Take into consideration your interests when choosing a holiday park to stay at too, you want to make sure there are lots of things to see and do nearby.


  • Plan Ahead for Your Trip

Instead of simply packing up your vehicle and driving to your chosen holiday park, it’s beneficial to do some planning in advance. Always check when you’re able to access your pitch, some holiday parks have different check-in times, and take a look at predicted travel times. Don’t forget, if you’re towing a caravan, it will take you slightly longer to get to your destination, so factor this into your timings.


  • Check What Facilities are On-Site

To ensure you have everything you could possibly need whilst you’re on holiday, look for a range of facilities. Holiday parks can differ quite considerably with what they offer and there are a number of facilities you will likely make use of. From laundry facilities and free WiFi to swimming pools and children’s play parks, the facilities available won’t just help to make your holiday convenient, they can make it more enjoyable too.


  • Look at Check-In and Check-Out Times

As mentioned above, when you can access your pitch will differ from one park to another. In addition to check-in times, different campsites have different check-out times. Always ask about these times before you start planning your holiday. It’s often worth looking at when you’ll be able to access the park as well. For example, it isn’t uncommon for holiday parks to close their gates at 10:30 pm, so you may need to arrive before then.


  • Consider Any Extra Costs

Almost all holiday parks will have additional charges to be aware of and often, the price of a pitch will only include; 2 adults, 1 caravan, motorhome or tent, 1 awning or canopy and parking for 1 car. If you have more people staying with you or you’re bringing your four-legged friend, check how much extra they will cost you. Often, you will have to pay around £5 a night for extra adults, children, pets, cars and gazebos.


The Best Holiday Park Facilities To Look Out For

Following on from above, the facilities available at the campsite will have a big impact on your holiday experience. If you’re wondering which are the best facilities to have access to whilst staying at a leisure park, here are some of the most popular;

  • Toilet and shower blocks – One thing the majority of people look out for is a toilet and shower block. Having a fully-equipped facilities block is beneficial, especially if you have a tent. It’s worth looking for additional extras in the toilet and shower blocks too, such as hair dryers, and these little features will make a holiday park stand out.


  • Laundry room – Another facility that lots of people consider to be essential is a laundry room. Having somewhere to wash your clothes is very useful for longer holidays. Often, laundry facilities will also be inclusive of things like dish-washing sinks and these can be just as useful to have access to, making clearing up after a meal more convenient.


  • Clubhouse – The majority of holiday parks will have a clubhouse and this central hub can be a brilliant form of entertainment. Different clubhouses provide different activities, but generally speaking, having things such as; pool tables, dart boards and board games is ideal. You may find that some clubhouses provide weekly activities as well, from quizzes, bingo games and dart championships to live entertainment, discos, karaoke nights and parties, and these can be great fun to get involved with.


  • Swimming pool – If you’re booking a holiday park getaway for the summer months, a swimming pool will also be a great facility to have. Whether this is an indoor swimming pool or an outdoor swimming pool, you can guarantee this is something you will use regularly during your stay. If the swimming pool is outdoors, having sun loungers you can use will be a nice touch too.


Deciding Which Type Of Pitch To Book

Lots of holiday parks provide different types of pitches and you will need to decide which you would like to book for your holiday. If you’re new to camping and you’re unsure which pitch is best for your caravan, motorhome or tent, here’s some useful information;


Grass Pitches with Electric Hook-Up

The vast majority of campsites will have grass pitches and these are the first choice for lots of people booking holidays. At reputable holiday parks, grass pitches will be spacious and well-maintained all year round. You can expect to pay around £40 per night for a grass pitch with electric hook-up, however, you may find that during the peak summer season, they are around £50 per night. Some grass pitches will have minimum night stays as well, usually over Bank Holiday weekends, for example.


Hard-Standing Pitches with Electric Hook-Up

In addition to grass pitches with electric hook-up, many holiday parks also offer hard-standing pitches. These are commonly the first choice for motorhome owners as they tend to be level, making it much easier and quicker to set up camp. Some holiday parks charge more for their hard-standing pitches, yet others will keep their prices equal across the whole campsite. You may find that satellite hook-up is available on some hard pitches, making them ideal for longer holidays or family trips when you want to watch TV.


Seasonal pitches

When there is a likelihood of them returning to the same holiday park multiple times throughout the year, people will book a seasonal pitch. This type of pitch enables you to keep your caravan or motorhome on the pitch from March through to January and it’s often around £4000 for the whole season, making it a cost-effective alternative to a standard pitch. It isn’t uncommon for things such as pitch maintenance to be included in the pitch fee and whilst staying on-site, you will also have access to all of the facilities and amenities.


Booking a Holiday Park Getaway

When it comes to organising a holiday park getaway, hopefully, the tips above will be useful and they will help you plan the stress-free holiday you’re hoping for. Whether you have a new caravan, motorhome or tent you’d like to use, or you want to find new campsites in different parts of the country, you can ensure you enjoy your next holiday.

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