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Top Tips For Purchasing A Holiday Lodge 

Lots of people enjoy holidaying in the UK and they will visit holiday parks several times throughout the year. There are so many advantages to going on holiday to the countryside and after many years of renting a holiday home, it isn’t uncommon for people to consider purchasing their very own holiday lodge


Having your own holiday lodge will enable you to go on holiday whenever you want to and you won’t have the hassle of booking accommodation ever again. There is such a huge range of options available when you’re purchasing a luxury lodge nowadays too and there is the perfect home away from home for everyone. To help you ensure you’re purchasing the right holiday lodge for you and your family, below we have put together a list of useful tips to consider when you’re browsing the different lodges for sale. 


Don’t overlook the interior design 


Many don’t realise that holiday lodges come fully furnished. So, when you’re looking at the different luxury lodges for sale, you need to take into consideration the interior design. For example, would you like a cosy country feel with a stove in the lounge or would you prefer something more contemporary with an open plan living area? Think about your needs, requirements and also your personal preferences when it comes to the interior of a holiday lodge, and ensure that you could see yourself spending lots of time here. 


Ensure there is plenty to do in the local area 


Location is arguably one of the most important things to consider when you’re purchasing a holiday lodge. If you’re going to be staying in the lodge quite regularly, you need to make sure there is plenty for you to do nearby and even if you plan on spending lots of time relaxing at the holiday park, it is still advantageous to have various attractions in the local area. 


Take some time to think about whether you would like to be in the countryside or by the seaside too. Also, think about how secluded you’d like to be and how far you’re willing to travel to the nearest town or village, it can be useful to only be a short drive away from places like supermarkets and pharmacies. It is beneficial to do some research into what type of tourist attractions and activities are nearby to a holiday park as well, this way you know you will be able to fill your days with things that interest you whenever you’re staying at your lodge. 


Check the holiday park is open all year round


Not all holiday parks are open 365 days a year and it isn’t uncommon for some to close for a few weeks or months during the winter. If you want to be able to make the most of your holiday home and you’re keen to stay here all year round, don’t forget to check the park’s opening times before you purchase your holiday lodge. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually many benefits to staying in a holiday lodge during the off-peak holiday season and you will likely be surprised by just how frequently you want to use your lodge in autumn and winter. 


Look for on-site facilities/entertainment


Whilst your holiday lodge will be fully equipped with everything you need to have an amazing holiday, you shouldn’t overlook the facilities offered on-site at a holiday park. Having facilities like a swimming pool or a licensed bar only a stroll away from your luxury lodge is always beneficial and you will welcome some entertainment during your stays. Sometimes, holiday parks will host bingo games, quizzes and different events throughout the year too, and these can be great fun to get involved with. Often, the more there is to do on-site, the better. 


Trying to find lodges for sale in Kent?


If you’re interested in purchasing a holiday lodge this year, hopefully the tips above can help you ensure that you’re making the right choice. When searching for lodges for sale in Kent, take a look at the rest of the Thriftwood Country Park website. This Sellers Leisure holiday park is in Sevenoaks amidst the Garden of England and it is the perfect place to have your very own leisure lodge. With its open spaces and woodland walks, this beautiful and tranquil leisure park is an excellent choice for adults who are looking for a home away from home, and when staying on-site you can have a peaceful break. At Thriftwood Country Park there is a range of facilities to enjoy as well and we pride ourselves on providing the best experience possible on-site. If you have any questions about our lodges for sale in Kent, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.