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Holiday Parks: What Makes Them Perfect For Your Holidays?

Multi-generational holidays are really popular at the moment and this is one holiday trend that the majority of people are getting on board with. After spending so much time apart from one another over the past couple of years, lots of families are wanting to come back together this year and make new memories. 


When it comes to booking a group holiday, trying to please everyone isn’t always easy and not all types of trips away are suitable for grandparents, little ones and everyone else in-between. One of the best holiday options available when arranging a family holiday is; a holiday park. Staying in a holiday lodge is the perfect solution for a multi-generational trip away and below we have looked into some of the main reasons why.  


Spend some time together 


Unlike other holiday options, staying at a holiday park will enable you to spend some much-needed time with your loved ones. More often than not, holiday lodges have open plan living spaces that can be enjoyed by everyone and you won’t all be in separate rooms like you would if you stayed in a hotel, for example. Of course, lodges still have private bedrooms though, so you will have somewhere to escape to if needs be. 


Something for everyone 


Generally speaking, holiday parks have something for everyone and they are designed for family-friendly holidays. You can expect to find facilities like clubhouses and swimming pools on-site, and with plenty of walking opportunities in the beautiful surrounding woodlands too, you will be able to spend your days doing different activities together. Regardless of what your hobbies and interests may be, planning a holiday park trip away that is jam-packed with fun really couldn’t be easier.


Explore the local area


The majority of holiday parks tend to be really well situated, whether they’re in the countryside or by the coast, so you will be able to venue out and explore the local area as well. Many tourist attractions and activities will only be a short drive away, and there will likely be lots of different walks from the park too. You can guarantee that you will never be bored when you’re on a multi-generational getaway in a holiday lodge. 


Much less stressful 


Not only will a holiday park trip away be straightforward to book but packing for the trip and also travelling to the park will be completely stress-free. Due to the fact that you can simply drive to a holiday park and you won’t have to fly to get there, you can avoid the hassle of the airport. Many holiday parks are well-situated near major motorways for added convenience too. Having a car on-site with you is really useful as well and you will be able to venture out whenever you want to without having to mess around with taxis etc. 


More affordable for big groups


Booking a holiday for the family can be really expensive, especially when you have to book transfers, fights and separate hotel rooms. Usually, staying in a holiday lodge is surprisingly affordable for those who are looking to get away with loved ones and you can make the holiday as budget-friendly as possible. Having the ability to cook your own meals in the lodge and enjoy the free activities on-site will prevent you from needing lots of spending money too. 


Finding holiday parks in Kent


There is no denying that if you’re interested in booking a multi-generational holiday this year, then a holiday park is the ideal place to go. Spending a week or two, or as much time as you wish, in a holiday lodge is a great way to catch up with your nearest and dearest, and to spend some quality time together again after being kept apart for so long. 


When searching for holiday parks in Kent, be sure to take a look at the Thriftwood Country Park website today. Thriftwood Country Park is a beautiful and tranquil leisure park in Sevenoaks midst the Garden of England and we continuously aim to provide holiday-makers with the best experience possible. We are incredibly proud to have received an array of industry awards and we can assure you that a visit to our holiday park in Kent won’t disappoint. If you have any questions at all regarding our park, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team, we will gladly provide you with the additional information you require.