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Purchasing Holiday Lodges: Advice for New Owners

The Benefits of Owning a Holiday Lodge


It isn’t uncommon for people who have owned a touring caravan or motorhome for many years to want to upgrade to a holiday lodge. Whilst having a lodge prevents you from being able to travel to different holiday parks as you can with leisure vehicles, there are so many benefits to having your own home away from home. These benefits easily outweigh the advantage of flexibility that comes with a touring caravan or motorhome.

There is no denying that holiday lodges are an investment, but they are more affordable than people tend to assume and there are many different styles and layouts to choose from too. If you’re considering selling your leisure vehicle and purchasing a luxury lodge instead, below we have explored some of the many reasons why more people are choosing to invest in holiday lodges and some things to consider when doing so.

As staycations have become more popular, many are aware of the benefits of staying in a luxury lodge and they actually prefer this type of holiday to jetting halfway around the world for a week in the sun. If you have enjoyed holidays at leisure parks over the years, there are several benefits to owning a holiday lodge. Although the upfront cost can sometimes be off-putting, there are many reasons why a luxury lodge is a brilliant investment.


Home Away from Home

Just like any other type of holiday home, when you own a holiday lodge, you will always have somewhere to escape to when you need a break from day-to-day life. Your lodge will become a home away from home, a safe haven that you can return to time and time again. By spending lots of time at the same leisure park, you will soon befriend your neighbours too and you will be joining a community of like-minded people all embracing the same village lifestyle.

Go on Holiday More Often

When you own a holiday home, you can go on holiday as frequently as you’d like. Planning months in advance for a holiday will become a thing of the past and you can enjoy lots of spontaneous, last-minute getaways with your family and friends. You can make the most of any spare weekends when you own a holiday lodge and you won’t struggle to book a getaway for the busier times of the year either.

Affordable Holidays

Once you have paid for your holiday lodge, each getaway will cost you next to nothing. Whilst there may be some ongoing costs associated with luxury lodge ownership, these will likely be less expensive than the cost of multiple holidays in a touring caravan or motorhome throughout the year. You won’t have to worry about paying more to go on holiday during peak seasons either when you have your own holiday lodge.

Make Lasting Memories

It often feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day. When you own a holiday lodge, it’s easier to take a break from your busy daily life and find time for your family and friends. Making memories with your loved ones couldn’t be easier when you’re staying at a leisure park. Whether you spend an afternoon around the swimming pool or an evening in the clubhouse, you can enjoy each other’s company.


Luxury lodges are like boutique hotels and will be beautifully decorated. The open-plan interior design won’t disappoint and you will be proud to show off your new lodge to family and friends. All holiday lodges also come fully furnished when you purchase them. You will have absolutely everything you need, from a fully equipped kitchen to a spacious bathroom, enabling you to enjoy your holidays.

On-site Facilities

When you own a holiday lodge, you will also benefit from everything offered on-site at the leisure park. Not only can you make the most of the meticulously maintained open spaces, but your family can use things such as the private children’s play areas too. Security at holiday parks is always high-end and you won’t have to worry about leaving your lodge unattended when you’re not using it.


More often than not, leisure parks are situated in desirable locations with tranquil surroundings and your holiday lodge will be well-located. Whilst your lodge will be in the peaceful countryside, you won’t be far from a town or a sandy beach. With a number of local attractions to enjoy too, it’s impossible to get bored and you can ensure every holiday is one to remember when you own a holiday lodge.


Deciding Where to Buy a Holiday Lodge

There are lots of country parks here in the UK with holiday lodges available and choosing the right location for your new holiday home is important. To help you narrow down your options and find the perfect destination for your new holiday lodge, here are some things to consider;



  • How Far You Want to Travel – If you’d like to use your holiday lodge every weekend or you plan on splitting your time between your house and your lodge, it’s beneficial to think about how far you’re willing to travel. The further away your holiday lodge is, the more time you will spend on the road and you may find that having somewhere closer to home is more beneficial.


  • Your Hobbies and Interests – Whenever you visit your holiday lodge, in addition to relaxing and recharging, you will likely want to fill your days with different activities. To ensure you’re not struggling to find things to do, consider whether there are any tourist attractions within walking or driving distance from a holiday park. You may find that some locations are better than others for your personal interests.


  • Where You Enjoy Visiting – Often, holiday lodges will either be located in the countryside or by the coast. So, whether you enjoy strolling through woodlands and cycling down tranquil country lanes or spending a day on the sand will influence which location is best for your holiday lodge. If you have been on lots of holidays in the UK over the years, consider which areas of the country you enjoyed visiting most too.


  • Your Budget – As you may expect, not all holiday lodges are the same price. Several factors influence how expensive a luxury lodge is, such as; the size of the lodge, the number of bedrooms it has and the facilities on-site at the holiday park. The location of the lodge will also play a huge role in how expensive it is, so you need to bear in mind your budget for this home away from home.


  • Any Visitors You Have – Entertaining family and friends takes on a whole new meaning when you have a holiday lodge and you will likely invite your loved ones to stay with you from time to time. If this is the case, think about whether the location is suitable for group getaways. For example, if you have grandchildren, it’s beneficial to ensure there are plenty of family attractions in the local area.

Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Luxury Lodge

With so much choice, it can be difficult to find a lodge and it goes without saying that you will want to ensure you’re making the right decision. To help you do so, here are some important questions to ask when purchasing a luxury lodge;

How Frequently Can the Lodge Be Used?

Not all country parks are open 365 days a year and if you want to be able to use your holiday lodge all year round, it’s essential to choose a park that doesn’t close during the off-peak season. It’s important to note that holiday parks have different licences too and you will need to double-check how much time you’re allowed to spend residing in your lodge every year.

Are Visitors Allowed to Stay?

When they own a holiday lodge, people enjoy entertaining family and friends, and it’s great to be able to share this space with your loved ones. However, not all holiday parks will have the same rules about guests. You need to find out whether you’re allowed to have visitors stay with you and if you are, whether there are any costs associated with having guests on-site.

Where is the Lodge On-Site?

It’s beneficial to look at a holiday park map before making your final decision about which lodge to purchase. This will enable you to see where the lodge is situated on the site and whether it’s suitable for you. For example, if you would like to be on the outskirts of the park with a woodland view, make sure you check the leisure lodge doesn’t have a more central location.

What are the Ongoing Costs of Ownership?

Generally speaking, there will be a few ongoing costs to consider when you own a luxury lodge. You will often have to pay site fees and these can differ depending on the leisure park your lodge is located on. Other common fees to enquire about are; water fees, gas fees and electric fees, and these can be charged in different ways.

Does the Lodge Come With a Warranty?

When you’re making a big investment, having a warranty can provide peace of mind. Not all country parks will offer the same length of warranty and again, the warranty can differ from one lodge to another, so make sure you take the time to enquire about the warranty for the particular holiday lodge you’re interested in.


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Investing in a Holiday Lodge in Essex or Kent


All in all, it’s easy to see why so many people are purchasing holiday lodges these days and you can guarantee you won’t regret upgrading your touring caravan or motorhome to a luxury lodge. From the moment you look around a few of the lodges for sale at a leisure park, there will be no going back.


If you’re trying to find holiday lodges for sale in Essex or Kent, take a look at the Sellers Leisure website. Our holiday parks are the ideal place to have a luxury lodge and we pride ourselves on ensuring our guests have an amazing experience on-site. Not only are our facilities second to none, but the open spaces around our lodges are breathtaking. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our lodges for sale in Essex or Kent and provide you with the additional information you require in relation to owners.