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The Best Country Park In Kent For Dog-Friendly Holidays 

One of the biggest advantages of holidaying in the UK is that you can bring the whole family along, including your dog. Whether you own a caravan or a motorhome, you can explore lots of different parts of the country with your four-legged friend and the vast majority of campsites and holiday parks are dog-friendly. 


When searching for different places to visit this year, Sevenoaks should definitely be on your list and our beautiful campsite; Thriftwood Country Park is undeniably the best place for you to stay. Thriftwood Country Park is both family-friendly and pet-friendly, and it really does have something for everyone. No matter whether you’re planning a long weekend or a two week holiday, there are many reasons why Thriftwood Country Park is the best holiday park in Kent for dog-friendly holidays, including; 


Surrounded by woodlands 


Staying at Thriftwood Country Park puts you at the heart of the countryside. Our holiday park is adjacent to a 12-acre woodland, providing you with endless opportunities for long dog walks. The park itself is spacious and open too, and you won’t even have to go off-site to stretch your legs if you want to have a more relaxing day. 


Unlike other campsites, Thriftwood Country Park is perfect for holidays all year round too. The park is situated on Kent’s highest point, Wrotham Hill, and it is 180m above sea level. When visiting in the summer, you will benefit from some of the hottest days in the South-East and when visiting in the winter, you may even get to experience the snow-covered rolling countryside. With 365 days to choose from, regardless of when you visit Thriftwood Country Park, you’re guaranteed to have an incredibly dog-friendly holiday. 


Walking distance to towns and villages


For pet owners, it is really convenient to be within walking distance of towns and villages, and even though Thriftwood Country Park is surrounded by woodlands, it isn’t too far from civilisation. The campsite is only 3.3 miles from the local town of Borough Green and if you don’t mind a longer walk, you won’t have to drive to get there. At Borough Green, you will find various useful amenities, such as; supermarkets, restaurants and pet shops. 


There are a number of dog-friendly attractions in Sevenoaks as well and you won’t struggle to fill your days with lots of fun and exciting activities. It is likely that the majority of local pubs and cafes you come across will be dog-friendly too, especially if they have an outdoor seating area. So, you can plan a full day out without having to worry about not being able to bring your four-legged friend along with you. 


Lots locally to explore 


Within the Garden of England, there is something for everyone, including dogs. From the breathtaking countryside to the sandy beaches, you will never have to repeat the same dog-friendly walk twice, unless you want to. With more than 4,000 miles of public footpaths, even if you return to Thriftwood Country Park year after year, there will be new places to walk. 


If you’re happy to drive to the Kent Downs, it is worth visiting this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty whilst staying in Sevenoaks too. As you may expect, the views as you walk through the heathland and woodland are breathtaking, and there will be plenty of space for your dog to run free and enjoy the great outdoors. There are multiple ways to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Kent and experience the diverse and beautiful landscape.


Booking a pitch at the best holiday park in Kent


There is no denying that Thriftwood Country Park is one of the best country parks in Kent for dog-friendly holidays and you can guarantee that you will have an amazing time whilst staying at our holiday park, with its wide open spaces and woodland walks. At Thriftwood Country Park, we continuously aim to provide holiday-makers with the best experience possible and you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our park or the services we provide. 


Thriftwood Country Park has provided the perfect holiday setting for many decades, which has been confirmed by an array of industry awards, and the whole family will enjoy spending some time in the Great British countryside when you stay with us. If you have any questions about our holiday park in Kent, don’t hesitate to contact us today.