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The Best Holiday Park Facilities To Look Out For 

Whether you’re looking for a seasonal pitch for your caravan/motorhome or you’re interested in purchasing a luxurious lodge, you will have lots of different factors to take into consideration when choosing a holiday park. It goes without saying that you will be spending a lot of time at this park, so you want to ensure that it is perfect for what you are looking for. 


Arguably, one of the most important things to think about in addition to the location of the holiday park is the facilities that it has to offer. As you may expect, not all holiday parks are made equal and the facilities available can differ quite significantly from one park to another. If you’re wondering which are the best facilities to have access to whilst staying at a holiday park, below we have looked into some of the most desirable in more detail. 


Toilet and shower blocks 


When choosing a holiday park, one thing that the majority of people look out for is a toilet and shower block. Having a fully-equipped facilities block that you can use as and when you wish is really beneficial, and it is likely that you will use this block on a daily basis during your stay. It is worth looking for additional extra features will help to make a holiday park stand out from the crowd. 




The majority of holiday parks will have a clubhouse these days and this central hub can be a brilliant form of entertainment. Different clubhouses provide different activities and facilities for you to use, but generally speaking, having things such as; pool tables, dart-boards and board games is ideal. You may find that some clubhouses provide weekly activities as well, from quizzes, bingo games and dart championships to live entertainment, discos, karaoke nights and parties, and these can be great fun to get involved with. 


Swimming pool 


If you’re looking for a seasonal pitch or a lodge at a holiday park that you can use during the summer months, a swimming pool will also be a great facility to have. Whether this is an indoor swimming pool or a heated outdoor swimming pool, you can guarantee that this is something you will use on a regular basis during your stays at this time of the year. If the swimming pool is outdoors, having sun loungers around it will be a nice touch too. 


24/7 CCTV


Whilst you might not necessarily think of security as a ‘facility’ it is something that you should be looking out for when choosing a holiday park. At the very least, you should make sure that a holiday park has CCTV, this will prevent any worry in regards to damage being caused to your caravan/motorhome or lodge. Additional security, such as fob operated rising bollards, is really advantageous to have as well.  


Beautiful surroundings 


As touched on above, location is a factor to consider when deciding whether a holiday park is right for you and being well-situated shouldn’t be overlooked. In addition to looking for somewhere that is a short drive away from a town or city and tourist attractions, take into consideration the actual site of the holiday park too. Finding somewhere located in a woodland that will allow you to get a peaceful break away from day-to-day life is always worthwhile. 


Searching for the best holiday park in Kent?


All in all, keeping an eye out for all of the facilities mentioned above is beneficial when you’re trying to choose which holiday park you’d like to stay at. Depending on your individual needs and preferences, you may find that some of these facilities are more important to you than others, so take some time to think about which you’d ideally like to have access to.

When you’re searching for the best holiday park in Kent that provides a brilliant range of facilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Thriftwood Country Park. We continuously aim to achieve excellence by providing holiday park visitors with the best possible experience and we pride ourselves on our comprehensive facilities. Our beautiful and tranquil leisure park is located in Sevenoaks midst the Garden of England, and we can assure you that it is one of the best holiday parks in Kent when you’re looking for a seasonal pitch or a luxury lodge.