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Why Sevenoaks Is The Ideal Location For A Holiday Lodge 

It is becoming increasingly common for people to invest in holiday lodges to either live in or holiday in and there are a myriad of benefits to being the owner of a luxury lodge. In fact, leisure home living is more popular than ever before and many over the age of 50 are considering swapping their current lifestyle for that of a village lifestyle on a holiday park instead. 


When you’re wanting to purchase a holiday lodge in the Kent area, Sevenoaks is arguably one of the best locations for it to be situated. Thriftwood Country Park is a beautiful and tranquil leisure park in Sevenoaks midst the Garden of England and it is the perfect place for your holiday lodge. Below we have explored some of the many reasons why Sevenoaks is the ideal location for a holiday lodge, whether you decide to live in your lodge or use it as a holiday home. 


Beautiful all year round 


Although the weather in Sevenoaks isn’t too dissimilar to the rest of the South-East of England with pleasant weather during the summer and colder weather during the winter, Thriftwood Country Park is slightly different. Where the park is situated, you will likely get to experience the best that every season has to offer weather-wise. 


Thriftwood Country Park is 180m above sea level on Kent’s highest point called Wrotham Hill. When staying in a holiday lodge here, you will benefit from some of the hottest summer days in the South-East as well as snow-covered days in the colder months. No matter what time of the year you visit Sevenoaks, you can guarantee it will be beautiful. 


Everything you need on your doorstep 


The town of Sevenoaks has so much to offer those with a holiday lodge at Thriftwood Country Park and you will easily be able to find all of the essentials you need during your stay. Thriftwood Country Park is just over three miles away from the neighbouring town of Borough Green too and you won’t have to go without when staying in a luxury lodge. 


Not only will you find everything from supermarkets and pharmacies to restaurants and hairdressers in Sevenoaks and the surrounding towns, but they are architecturally attractive too. There is a wealth of heritage in the local area and there are lots of listed buildings that are visually interesting. So, a simple trip to town can be more enjoyable than you may think. 


Multiple local attractions


Throughout the county of Kent, there are a number of tourist attractions that are considered to be must-visits and you won’t struggle to fill your days with different activities when staying in Sevenoaks. From historical buildings and monuments to wildlife parks and animal reserves, there really is something for the whole family in the local area. 


The Garden of England offers; coastal beaches, shopping, historic castles and a thriving arts scene, so you won’t have to travel far from Thriftwood Country Park to find something to do. There will likely be a number of local attractions that you return to time and time again when you own a holiday lodge in Sevenoaks as well. 


Miles of public footpaths


Everyone enjoys a stroll through the countryside, especially in one of England’s most enchanting places like Sevenoaks. This breathtaking part of Kent is home to two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and when you start walking, you won’t struggle to find lots of different public footpaths that allow you to explore new areas. 


Thriftwood Country Park is actually adjacent to a 12-acre woodland too, so you can easily start a walk from your holiday lodge and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings. Every time you go for a walk, you can experience the beauty of the Garden of England and the stunning views will never get boring. 


Finding the best holiday park in Kent


There is no denying that Sevenoaks is the perfect place to have a holiday lodge, regardless of how much time you plan on spending there. When you’re looking for the best holiday park in Kent for your lodge, you will struggle to find a park that is better than Thriftwood Country Park. This leisure park really is the perfect choice for couples, adults and seniors who are looking for a peaceful break away from it all, no matter what time of year it may be. 


Here at Thriftwood Country Park, we pride ourselves on providing park visitors with the best experience possible, which is confirmed by an array of industry awards and if you have any questions about our holiday lodges, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.